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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. it's an early christmas present. price of gasoline is falling dramatically just before the holidays begin. the question is how much more might they drop. 50 cents in just the past 2 ms. in california the lowest average price is 3.42. that's this stockton. highest is 3.73 in bakersfield. average state wide for gallon of regular is 3.52. and praises could drop even more by new year's. here's 7 news reporter sharon. >>reporter: it's the type of crash motorist love. gas praises plummeting. in boston
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3.fwichbility atlanta 3.sfichbility salt lake 3.40 and l.a. 3.68. trip home for the holiday just got a lot cheaper. >> i'm thrill. i have to buy gas no matter what so the fact that it cost a little bit less is definitely nice especially now with christmas and everything coming up. >>reporter: prices began rebounding after refinery problems were fixed. after that demand for goods lean down for winter. analyst now say gas prison cost fall even further before new year's eve. >> by christmas we should have prisons between 3.20 and 3.40 per gallon. >>reporter: good news comes on the heel of gym changing head lane from the international energy agency. they predict the u.s. will be energy independent by 2030. and become the world largest expor exporter of oil surpassing country lake saudi arabia, venzuela, even iran. solar. win. back yard oil boom has changed the global landscape and the landscape in our own
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back yard. we saw it firsthand in kansas. new technology unearth untapped oil reserve there and across the u.s. the affects already being felt well beyond the gas pump. >> this unconventional revolution in oil and natural gas is already having a big impact on the united states. it is creating something like 1.7 million jobs in the last few years. >>reporter: analyst with moody say for every 50 cents the gas drops this year that creates 350,000 jobs this time next year. that's abc news, new york. >> strike that has paralyze crab fishing off northern california will enter seventh day tomorrow. negotiations to end the dispute over pricing broke off this evening at fisherman wharf without an agreement crab boat owners held several meetings today to discuss oceans. crabber were getting 3 dollars a pound when the season opened before thanksgiving but fish broker
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want to cut the price saying the demand for cb dropped. negotiationss to end the dispute will resume tomorrow afternoon. we'll see what happens. well oakland wants to fill the new job center but some say the plan to pay for it is a sell out for the community. that's because the money would come from revenue generated by new billboards near the bay bridge toll plaza. story tonightm 7 news reporter laura anthony. >> one person polite another crucial funding source. that's the gist of the controversy over how to pay for new job in career resource center in west oakland. proposed deal between the city and oakland army base developer would fund the center with proceeds from 5 new bright and shiny billboard along the freeway at the bay bridge landing. they would join the 3 that are already there. >> okay i grant y this it's a monstrosity but those decision have already been made and negotiated since the bill beard are going to be there, the revenue or some of the revenue from the billboard ought to
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fund the job center. >>reporter: as show of support for the funding plan oakland clergy join with other community members to hold a candle light vigil and prayer schlts event held at the west oakland library which would house the career center on its second floor. but opponent say the proposed deal to trade billboard placement for career center cash is ultimately a bad one for the community. >> we all want johns. we all want a job center but to base it on pl visually polluting the landscape that's the trade off. trying to pit us against each other which is, that is the intention of this. >>reporter: west oak land does have one job training center that has prove very successful over the past 20 years. the cypress band center helped thousands of west oakland most troubled people turn their lives around with new skill and good job place many. executive director art shank says the end do justify the means when it comes to creating another center for an area plagued by
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crime unemployment. >> things are take it right no now. billboards will definitely help the program. definitely generate some funds. if the funds are aloe kited to the right place would it definitely be a plus plus. >> city council community economic development committee will take up the issue tomorrow afternoon then their recommendation will good to the full council which will decide whether and how to fund the new center. in west oakland, abc 7 news. >> one mr. note. judge says that 100 digital billboards in los angeles must come down. judge says the signs violent existing law. advocate say the sign create blight and are intrust i have. relevant fate dating back to 2006. >> new rules tonight. changes at the top after strip club spending scandal involving the port of oak landth. port officials rae veal maritime director james kwan has agreed to reroo tire this month. he's accused of running autopsy 4500 dollar dinner tab at texas
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strip club setting off an investigation into improper spending by port officials. officials today also said the port has received repayment of public funds spent on 2 improper expenditures and they now have a new set of rules for expense practices that include new spending guidelines. tough prison sentence today for a killer. stuff sentence and tough words from the judge r consist of my shell lay. esteban faces 25 years to live for killing nursing student michelle lay her former best friend. the judge admonished esteban for showing no signs of remorse. as nick explains this was extremely emotional day for the victim family. >> we don't have to deal with this for at least another 20 years or so. >>reporter: alameda county judge sentenced esteban to 25 years to life for the first degree murder of nursing student michelle lay and then dumping her body in a remote
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part of pleasanton calling her actions cold blooded and premeditated. >> we always felt she felt no remorse seeing her in trial. stare directly at the familiar where i a blank stair. >>reporter: michelle brother michael broke down talking about his sister. the plans michelle had for her life and she wanted to follow in late mother foot steps and become a nurse. those dreams ended the day the 26-year-old student went missing from a parking garage in hayward last year. the lay family worst fear were confirmed when after weeks of searches by police and volunteers her decomposed body was found in a remote area near pleasanton. today the family trying to heal while hoping that their words will be remembered many years from now in 2029 when michelle killer could be up for parole. >> just want to know after 25 years to know how unique she was and give a face to michelle's case. >>reporter: esteban brother and sister left the criminal without talking to the media.
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the judge offered word of comfort to the lay family about their loss telling them that you never get over it. only learn to get through it. this is abc 7 news. frightening accident overnight in involving 2 men in a laundry delivery truck. truck burst in flames after it hit a power bowl in san leandr leandro. men jumped from the truck surrounded by live wires. neither was hurt. authorities say the driver was volunteer firefighters and credit him for knowing what to do to avoid being electrocuted. amazing they got out fine. >> san francisco police investigating a fatal traffic accident that took the life of a pedestrians this afternoon. the man in his 40's was hit by a what it pickup truck at the crosswalk of market and beall street. in the financial district police not figured out who was at fault. now ironically the accident took place just hours after district attorney george launch add traffic safety campaign called don't rush aimed at drivers,
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and pedestrians. >> police in san francisco men time trying to figure out who attacked gagged and bound 2 people and dumped them in the middle of a street last night in the ingleside district. near clare park. one died from his injuries. here's vick lee. >> very heinous crime. 2 victims were gagged and bound in the middle of the street left for dead essentially. problem happens in the movies a lot but again in real life i have not seen this a lot. >>reporter: the 2 were found by a passing driver on the 900 block of russell street at about 8:30 last night. police say the map was in his early 20's. the female in her late teens. the trauma they suffered was so severe investigators at the scene could not determine if they were shot, stabbed or badly beaten. young man later died at san francisco general hospital. the woman is reported to have life threatening injuries. police
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have few in any lead. officer says they don't know if the 2 were targeted or if this was a random attack or perhaps brazen act was a way to send a message to someone. >> it's a possibility that this occurred somewhere else and they were simply dumped in the street on russell. >>reporter: whoever was responsible could have dumped the 2 at sprawling clare park blocks away if they didn't want the victim found it would have been a perfect place. instead the assailant or assailant chose a neighborhood with two fairly well traveled streets. also sandwich between the hunter point housing development and sunny dale project down the hill. 2 areas that resident jim klein has had their share of crime. >> there's overflow of violence that was recently a killing on san bruno avenue that is related to something, some gang problem in sunny dale. >> i never leaf the house at night when it gets dark because it's kind of dangerous.
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>>reporter: investigators hope that once doctors stabilize this young woman if they can, they can actually ask her what happened and that might provide leads but so far they tell the us very little to chase. vick lae, 7 news. >> more to bring you. bilge big changes coming in the weather. spencer is here with that. >> a little rain coming our way then a sharp cool down maybe we should call ate cold down. i have the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up shortly. >> also ahead. bay bridge facelift that could affect drivers for months and that's just the beginning of what may in store when you pay your tol toll. >> bay area commuters could see their parking costs triple. we have the story. >> and to catch suspected thief one bay area homeowner did to one bay area homeowner did to uncover his porch
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>> security video posted on you tube appears to have caught a in action according to livermore police the man entered the front porch of a home on walnut street and started taking things and he is steven ruth. he lives in the same neighborhood as the victim who says he was tired of
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someone prowling outside his home so he set up a camera to catch the person. police say ruth has admitted to being the person in the video that you are watching but says he was just picking up cigarette butt from app ashtray. now up to the da office to decide whether charges will be filed. heads up from cal-trans tonight if you use the bay bridge. with two 66 days to go until the new bridge opens the toll plaza is about to get a facelift. it's going to take about 6 months and as transportation reporter heather explains, that may just the beginning. >> the current bay bridge toll plaza was completed in 1989 so it's only 23 years old. but soon the brand new sleek all white bay bridge will be opening and earlier this year the administration and tow service buildings were replaced with the new bridge stein in mind. now it's the toll plaza turn for a facelift. these cal-trans drawings show the finished product. the renovation won't change the way it functions just the way it
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looks. >> that theme that white color will be carried on to the newest span all the way out to the island. >>reporter: work begins later this week and uire periodic lane closure between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. for the next 6 months. then probably some time next summer a new toll accounting computer system will go through although that won't affect how motorist experience the toll plaza. >> the existing computer system is over 15 years old so it's a dinosaur in technology terms. >>reporter: speaking of technology, some day the human toll takers could be replaced entirely by a variety of forms of electronic tolling lick at the golden gate bridge where that transition begins next month. with all those toll taker gone by march. >> i think it's probably premature to say this it's a foregone conclusion. but certainly that is the way the toll industry is headed. i think while there's no schedule
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we are going to be looking very carefully at what happens at the golden gate bridge there. may no schedule for all electronic tolling at the bay bridge but there is a schedule down to the second for opening the new span. today cal-trans office that clock read 2 66 da days. at the bay bridge toll plaza abc 7 news. >> another form of transportation to talk b.bart passengers just week or so to sound off on proposed fee increw east to park at east bay station. bart is taking public input until december 18 on plan to triple parking rates over the next 2 years. right now drivers either park for free or pay a dollar a day to park. plan would allow 50 cent increase twice a year based on demand. >> i understand that bart does need to raise revenue. don't want to see declined with maintenance and the like. it can be a hardship. >>reporter: bart charges 5 dollars to park at the west oakland station and station in
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san mateo county already have pricing based on demand. just 50 cent parking hike would generate some 5 million dollars for bart so they are considering that for those east bay stations. praises going up. temperatures going down. >> indeed. >> pretty dramatic drob. >> very dramatic. frosty morning by thursday or friday that means really chilly out there a little chilly tonight but not that cold. clear right now as you can see from our east bay camera in emeryville looking west to the city of san francisco. lights of the holiday season and embarcadero center and other places in downtown let's take a look at some of today high pressure before we goat life doppler z.a couple records downtown oakland a new record high for this date. december tenth. also 71 at oakland airport tied the record for this date there and 69 degrees in mountain view and tied existing record for that location for this date. if you to live doppler 7 hd. skies still clear. clouds offshore
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haven't reached us yet. coming in our direction and bringing rain with them under mostly clear sky right now chilly in some sports. 45 degrees at nap a.46 at santa rosa. 47 at fairfield. 48 livermore. 49 los gatos so it's a chilly night in many of our inland locations. rain tomorrow night into wednesday morning. snow is possible above 3500 feet some of the higher bay area peak and cold frosty couple mornings coming our way on thursday and friday. satellite radar composite image shows high pressure under control of our weather at the moment but cold front is advancing rapidly in our direction bringing down very cold air mass through the gulf of alaska and rainfall snow levels in the bay area 3 3500 feet so could be a flake or 2. snow flake. 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night see rain touching most of the bay contrary that pattern will tip overnight into the early morning hours by 5:00 o'clock wednesday morning start of rush hour will see showers around and some areas of rainfall wet
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spots in the morning commute and showers will scattered showers will continue to trail l midday hours of wednesday and sort of taper off. also bit end of the day wednesday we se seeen of the afternoon cold air settling into the forth bay way up north with snow top the higher peak in lake county but by 11:00 o'clock wed tonight it should be all over. left with rainfall total up to about quarter inch in pose lotions around the bay i area. perhaps half inch peninsula south bay and santa cruz mountains. overnight tonight low dropping down to the upper 30's to low 40's in the inland valley. mid 40's low mid 40's over remainder of the bay area and in the central sierra near lake tahoe and other locate ins that area winter weather advisory in effect 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night to continue okay wednesday night. 4 to nip inches snow possible before 3000 feet. gusty winds and travel conditions challenging to say the least. bay area tomorrow increasing clouds ahead of tomorrow rainfall. some sunshine. temperature
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cool in the north bay. mid 50's in many location there. low 60's elsewhere. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so a little rain overnight tonight into wednesday tapering off the showers later wednesday afternoon. temperatures drop sharply over nature wednesday into thursday. we have frosty mornings on thursday friday. high pressure thursday only in the low 50's inland up to about 52 up to about 54 around the bay and on the coast. pretty chilly. >> like it better than the way it was. >> it will good back. >> coming up next. rising star in latin america. about to make her big day because on american television. tonight late word from the family of singer jenni rivera and why she was so popular among millions of people. stay with us. 7 [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> family of singer jenni rivera is holding out hope nature she is still alive. federal authorities have confirmed however that she died in a plane crash in mexico overnight but at news conference late today her brother said that they are a strong family and will remain so. >> in our eyes we still have faith that my sister will be okay. we have no confirmation of her body being recovered dead or alive. >>reporter: radio laser in san jose plays her music. in factory vera was the guest superstar that helped launch the spanish radio station eight months ago. posters promoting that april 17 kick off still plaster the walls of studio at 93.7. rivera death comes just as she was about to make a cross-over to american television on the abc network. here's david wright. ♪ . >>reporter: she was known the diva of band. mexico answer to
9:27 pm
country music. today on spanish language radio tearful tribute to her after her private plane crashed yesterday on route to concert in california. >> she was a role model to many young latino having gone from rag to riches being self made millionaire. >>reporter: record sales alone here in the u.s. she was bigger than beyonce. >> described as mexican-american dolly part on. >> she was, you know she had curves. she embraced those curves and that's what people loved about her. >>reporter: rivera had self popular reality shows that promoted her as the mama with lots of drama. many show feature the whole family. 5 kids and 2 grandkids. osbourne of the barrio. >> she was a personality. she was a business woman. she was beginning to cross-over into the english language market. >>reporter: we were developing a comedy series around here
9:28 pm
which would have introduced her to whole new audience. now sadly many english speak remembers just learning about her because of this outpouring of grief. caved wright abc news los angeles. >> face of courage. coming up. one of the country elite warrior lay down his life to save a man he didn't know. behind the decision to send seal team 6 on risky mission. >> apple new level. police department new warning people not to use that mapping servic service. we explain why. >> and two week before christmas and fedex is
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es un pla-cer co-no-cer-te. encantada. share everything. this holiday get verizon's share everything plan. unlimited talk, text and shareable data... ... across your family's devices, all in one plan. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. >> navy seal who died in a
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daring rescue mission in afghanistan has now been identified. mission successfully free add doctor part of a missionary group. senior foreign affair correspondent martha has the latest on the story. >>reporter: nicholas check was just 28 years old. but for much of the last decade he had been a navy seal. last 5 years part of the elite seal team 6. in iraq afghanistan wherever needed check carried out dangerous missions. just like the one that took his life on sunday. it was just before 3:00 a.m. when check and his team along with afghan commando loaded in helicopters and headed in the darkness to a remote mountain top location in eastern afghanistan. down below taliban fighters were holding joseph a relief worker an father of 4 from colorado. kidnapped leaving a rural medical clinic just days befor before. the hard charging highly trained seal team moved
9:33 pm
in quickly. to group of hut where joseph was being held. gun fair broke out. joseph was rescued but the young navy seal took a bullet to the head. the decision to go in so quickly was made by the top commander in afghanistan general john allen who thought joseph was in immediate danger. >> the race was on because at that point they knew if they couldn't get him before taken of the border into pakistan that the it would be almost impossible to rescue him. >>reporter: there have been hundreds of successful missions by the seals including the raid that killed osama bin laden. but the mission remain unpredictal and dangerous as defense secretary panetta said today, special operators knew they were putting their lives on the line. former hostage joseph likely return to the u.s. by this weekend. his family issued a statement tonight extending their deepest condolences and gratitude to all those involved in the mission. martha, abc news, washington.
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>> another item about the military. after waving fitness standard to feed the war machine the army is now looking for thinner men and women. leading cause of civil i don't know not making the cut, obesity. army kicked out 1600 plus 25 active duty personnel for being out of shape during the first 10 month of this yea year. 15 times more than in 2007 when days employment cycle were at the peak. between 1998 and 2010 soldiers deemed over weight more than triple and 5 percent of the force was obese. >> 22 days now to find a budget deal and avoid the fiscallif cliff. tonight no word any real progress being made but the pressure to do something before it is too latest really intensifying across the country. story now from political reporter mark matthe matthews. >> message from move on bay area progressive cut the bush era tax cut for the wealthiest americans and do not cut social security and medicare benefits. >> we absolutely have to stick
9:35 pm
firm and make sure that we tax the rich. people making over 200,000 dollars. [applause] people making over 200,000 dollars a year should be able to pay more and to get us out of this economic mess that wall street has done. >>reporter: this afternoon about 50 people gathered outside the social security administration office in oakland east town center. among them oakland congressman lee. >> i tell you i'm going back to washington, d.c. tomorrow. to continue to fight the good night and you have a resistance movement in the congress. i want you to know. [applause]. >>reporter: she will resist cut to spweelingtsment programs but medicare and social security they have 40 percent of what the government spend so i asked her where would she been willing to cut. >> we have to raise the revenue from area where is we know that there is waste fraud abuse and where we can have some significant savings. >>reporter: lee promised to cut waste fraud and abuse but couldn't name a single program
9:36 pm
other than military spend wling is he would make the cut. in palo alto move on members vow to call bain tore tell him no cuts to services. >> when the president says i want a balance approach is he saying i want no cuts to 40 percent of the budget. >> no. i think he is saying that he won't cut services. >>reporter: that is certainly what they are saying at these rally. johnson went to the one in oakland. at 68 he's retired and he says would he like to stay that wait a minute i have worked for 50 years and people have worked for 25, 30, 50 years and put their part of the income that social security under the social contract they should get the benefit of it. >>reporter: we have not seen today is any sort of counter demonstration from conservativ conservative. tea party members which you would think would be all about going after government spending and tax increases have been largelyly absent in the back and forth over the fiscal cliff. i called several members organizers would just as soon not go public. that theory
9:37 pm
organizing after what they call very dispointing election. at civic center plaza abc 7 news. >> europe biggest bank hsbc is expected to pay 1.9 billion dollars to settle a money laundering investigation with regulators in the united state states. hsbc is accused of money laundering for mexican drug cartel. announcement formally is expected tomorrow. >> apple new appearing map is now coming with a safety warning for nurs australia. police in the city of victoria asking drivers to avoid using it. officers say they have had to rescue several people who got lost when the app led them to the wrong place. drivers stranded for more than 24 hours when directed miles away from murray sunset national park. may not seem like a big deal except that location is in the middle of nowhere and the park has no water supply and temperatures can reach 115 degrees. dangerous place to be
9:38 pm
stranded. apple hasn't commented but the ceo tim cook publicly apologized for the app early this year and has promised improvements. >> trying to catholic church a cab in san francisco can be frustrating and at some hours of the day nearly im poll as you may know. that's what a handful of service have popped up to help you call for everything from a limousine to a neighbor with a car. but as jonathan bloom explains, those new services are now being challenged by state regulators. >> danny is attaching a mustache to her car. she had matching ones on the dash boardth her finger and her wrist. danielle is a driver for lift. ride sharing svice that bills as your friend with a car. >> nice to meet you. thanks very much. >>reporter: every ride starts with a fist bump at the end the mobile app asks for did nation to help the driver. its side car intended to help car owner to earn money on the side. the
9:39 pm
co-founder sees it this way. >> this is about community members who have extra seats in the car sharing those with people who need a ride. helps drivers cut the cost of owning an automobile. >>reporter: state regulators saw something different. >> we regard these operators as essentially the same as limousine company. drivers for hire. >>reporter: without the proper license. so california public utility commission slapped lift and side car with 20,000 dollar fines. >> we do believe they are operating outside the law right now. they don't have proper insurance. draivrs are not properly screened. so we do have concerns about public safety of these operation. >>reporter: now mohammad owns an actual limousine he keeps busy with exploding smart phone app. >> on sunday one of my drivers started at 10:00 p.m. finish 6 in the morning and had he enough business all night. >>reporter: now also facing a 20,000 dollar fine that general manager is contesting. >> i think there are no law regulate what he does because
9:40 pm
they do didn't exist a couple years ago. >>reporter: they make the argument before a state panel setting new rules. >> have the the interest to participate and other members of the public as well. >> when opened for public comment loudest opposition is likely from taxi drivers who say these services made it tough for them to make a livin living. >> what ter doing is identical to taxi service. it's exactly the same service we provide. >>reporter: green cab driver says he wants them regulated the same way. >> can't have two systems where one side is completely unregulated and the other side is regulated. that creates an uneven playing field. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> more to pass along tonight. it's what give the city of oz
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$ they'll say, "yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday." >> emerald green gave elizabeth taylor the sparkle and roam app emporer near 0improved eyesight now the color of the year. it is designation made every year by the color corporation, expect to see it on bell shoe lace house wear everything you can think of. they say emerald is vivid and it is the color of growth. renewal. prosperity. so expect to see it on everything that you buy pretty soon. >> well today could turn out to be historic day for shipping company federal express. they predicted they would move 19 million packages today alone. that's more than double the typical day volume and busiest in the history of the can company. company expects to deliver 280 million packages thanksgiving and christmas. that's 13 percent more than last year fedex remind that you
9:45 pm
say december 22 is the last day to send packages in time for christmas delivery. >> people say you can find anything at ikea. how about a monkey? yes this little guy sporting a war coat and diaper was trapped at ikea store in toronto. cute little fella. apparently the owner went inside shopping while left behind in a crate in the car. he escaped and then got into the store. he was eventually cornered. his nerv nerves calm with grapes. his owners are fined 2000 dollars keeping him as a pet i'm sorry 200 dollars for keeping him as a pet. that's a no no. monkey now headed to a sanctuary. >> look sharp in the coat. >> well philadelphia eagle narrowly defeated buccaneer last night but nobody really cares because of a little guy cares because of a little guy who stole the show check him out. you will see more as we continue. i'll be more as we continue. i'll be back
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>> up every midwest digging out from the winter first major blizzard. slow moving storm dropped well over a foot of snow across south dakota, manipulate society and wisconsin. it's the worst storm to hit the minneapolis saint paul area in two years. airport reopened this morning after being closed all together yesterday. hundreds of car accidents reported with drifting snow and ice conditions shutting down some major highway and interstate. a lot of people woke up to fine the cars missing. no. not buried in snow. they were impounded for being parked on a snow emergency route. >> we were just going to move our car in the morning. it was gone. >> i don't know what i will do. dreadful.
9:50 pm
>>reporter: city thoughtfully removed the ka rs for them. between the ticket impound fee and cab raid back the situation her can cost about 500 bucks. expensive lesson indeed. >> oh, >> what a mess there one last check on our weather. which is changing certainly but not severe. >> no. no. stressful is a good word for what we are looking at there. we have live doppler clear sky over the bay area. few cloud offshore. continue to advance in our direction but not quite here yet. some of the clouds will make it tomorrow. state wide we see cloud building up in the northern part of the state. southern california sunny and mild tomorrow high pressure in the 70's here in the bay area we see some sunshine but clouds will increase as we get later that the day. rain arrives tomorrow night. daytime high only in the mid upper 50's in the north bay where it is cloudy and cool and see a little bit more sun milder weather south bay east bay with high there in the low 60's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain arrives tomorrow night. continue nasa wednesday. tapers off to showers later in the day. giving way to dry conditions
9:51 pm
thursday friday with two cold frosty mornings thursday friday start to get milder weather on sunday monday. >> warm you up spencer thank you very much. >> tampa bay buck interseason hasn't gone well however there is a bright spot on the field and it comes during time out. this kid nicknamed little fear is a star in tampa. he ladies the cheer squad in dancing style and gets into it. can check him out. him if ♪ if that hysterical. cheer squad and lil fear video received tens of thousands of hits. while on you tube. i'm afraid of him he's good. >> not afraid i like the back up dancers as well. you look rate past. >> no. no i saw the video earlier. he's impressive indeed. mike didn't get the
9:52 pm
cal job now he gets to face the cal job now he gets to face the golden b
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. squid invasion. investigation into why hundreds of squid have washed up on a local beach. strange. >> plus the tens of thousands of people who are going to bat for a dog that has been sentenced to death. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry is here with big news from san jose state tonight. >> yes. it's unfortunate because the spartan you can't compete with the upper level big time college football. what mike did at san jose was near miracle. one of the worst football program in the country and turned it in a 10 win team in 3 years. now he's moving on. hired today at the university of colorado. mike takes over and coming off 1 and 11 season. worst in the 123 year history of that football program. mike make it 4 50,000 a year at san jose state. colorado deal worth two million
9:56 pm
a year for 5 seasons. coach mack was a finalist at cal remember. ends up in boulder. >> yes we have a long way to go but i have been there before. and i know what to do. i just left a program of young men who care deeply, would went from 120 in the nation to 24th in every poll in two and a half years. i like the foot prnt of the pack 12:00 o'clock. i have coached in california now and recruit that had state. know all the in and out of it. >> spartans set to play in the military bowl december 27 against bowling green. in the clear if mack will coach san jose state in the game or more aichele one of the assistant will fill in for the bowl game. 49ers suspended running back jaibs jacobs final 3 games of the season. openly frustrated because he carry the ball 5 times for 7 yards the entire season and he tweeted that he is rotting on this team. >> i really don't have a
9:57 pm
comment on that. no comment. quote fifth amendment i have no comment about that. >> yes just at this time out right choose to have no comment on that. >>reporter: no comment. jacobs injured the knee in the pre-season but healthy for wee weeks. 9 versus just chosen not to use him. not to comment about it. this was an off day for the players news of jacob suspension receiver crabtree competely by surprise. >> i know he has been frustrated. but he was suspended for the rest of the year by coach today. i didn't even know. my first time hearing it man i didn't know. i'm not big on speaking about other guys but i have to go look at that and see what happened. i didn't even know he was suspended. >>reporter: 49ers visit new england next sunday night. what they saw tonight from brady and company was truly frightening. this is vintage tom brady against the 11 and 1 texans. supposed to be the best 2 teams in the afc. and brady just dissected them.
9:58 pm
first 4 touch down passes here. hernandez adding some salt to the super wound. lesson to the niners. look for the may action he throws deep. 37 yard. 21 nothing at the half. and can't place a ball in the guy hand any better than. that one handed grab by dante who takes it 63 yards. 28 nothing. play of the game fourth quarter when going good it's going good. screen pass. to little danny. jj punches it out and watch what happens her here. falls out. lloyd thank you very much my touch down. 42-14 patriots annihilate houston. mcclain reinstated by the raiders whether he takes the field again for them is a mystery right now. suspended for 2 games for conduct detrimental to the team. he and head coach got into a heated argument at practice and that's what caused the suspension. mclane has been disappointment on and off the field. other raider news team cut the ron bar tell who has
9:59 pm
been replaced as starter by adams and check moves up from practice squad reaction on all this from defensive back michael huff. >> from day 1 always be best players in here and do things t.nothing different. >> warriors road trip continues. homecoming night for curry who grew newspaper charlotte facing bobcats tonight. broadcaster for charlotte and dad had to like watch his son tonight. first quarter steal from walker. look at the show and go and sweet reverse. warriors up early. david lee another double double 25 points 11 rebounds and a little with authority. warriors up 18. passing here. curry wide open. spot up 3. up 21. taylor where did he go? where did he go? curry team high


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